United States United States May 01, 2023

Located in Farmington, Pennsylvania, USA.

The AVAR team completed a two-week metal detection survey at Jumonville Glen, at Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Farmington, Pennsylvania in May 2023 in conjunction with the National Park Service and the Northeast Regional Archaeological Program.

The “Jumonville Affair” marks the first shots fired of the French and Indian War, and George Washington’s first true military experience.

The project was the first serious archaeological investigation of the site, and based on the munitions uncovered, “We can now, with high confidence, conclude the site we protect is indeed the location of the May 28, 1754, skirmish,” said Brian Reedy, Fort Necessity National Battlefield chief of interpretation and site manager in the NPS news release.

The Team


More About Jumonville Glen:

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