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Do I need to be an Archaeologist to join AVAR?

No prior knowledge or experience of archaeology is necessary. We have trained archaeologists on-site to provide guidance in methods and techniques.

Do I need to be a veteran to join AVAR?

AVAR welcomes veterans and active-duty personnel from all American military branches on our digs. The majority of our participants are veterans with a disability rating for service-related physical and mental health disabilities.

How often can I participate?

In order to serve as many veterans as possible, we restrict participation to one excavation per person, per year.  You may place your name on a standby list for additional excavations in that year in the case of a cancellation.

What gear does AVAR provide?

AVAR provides each participant with a hat, and dig t-shirt. All other tools are provided on-site and shared across the team.

Participants will receive a packing list based on the environment of the project they are attending.

Do I need any immunizations before attending a project?

While AVAR itself does not require any specific immunizations, if you have not had a recent tetanus booster, it is advisable to see your doctor for an update. AVAR participants are subject to the immunization requirements for travel as defined by our host countries.

What is the cost?

Our goal is to keep the cost of attending a project as low as possible. AVAR covers the cost of food and accommodation, as well as flight costs when possible.  Please ask for information specific to your project.

It is always recommended that you bring sufficient funds for personal purchases such as souvenirs, or meals and drinks that you would like to purchase in addition to what is provided.


As a member of AVAR, we want you to have access to support during and after the field season. There are always AVAR volunteers with First Aid and Mental Health First Aid certifications on each dig. During digs if you feel off, need help or just want to talk, let an AVAR staff member know. We are there to listen and help. When you are back at home, we hope you stay in touch with your AVAR community for support and camaraderie. As our community grows, we will create local AVAR groups on Facebook. At AVAR we encourage everyone to seek support when they need it. We work to end the stigma of mental illness and disabilities. We believe that we all have different abilities and strengths which makes our community great. Due to the nature of our program, staff are not available at all times; therefore, if you need support immediately, please consider the following: In an emergency situation, call 911. If you are in crisis, you can contact the Veterans Crisis Line which is open 24/7 and confidential.
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