United Kingdom United Kingdom Jun 22, 2021

Project Description

June 22nd to July 16th

The England project is in conjunction with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA). The DPAA works to provide the fullest possible accounting for missing personnel to their families and the nation.

There are currently still more than 70,000 MIA service members from WWII. In 2021, the AVAR team will work to account for the crew of a B-24 Liberator. This will be AVAR’s second excavation at the site.

“Conceived in 1938 by Consolidated Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin legacy company, the original B-24 prototype was designed to fly faster and carry a larger payload than the US Army Air Corps’s B-17 Flying Fortress. In time the B-24 would boast a long, tapered wing atop its fuselage, which allowed impressive long-range cruising capabilities. A B-24 could reach 290 miles per hour and carry a 5,000-pound bomb load for 1,700 miles, giving it a longer range, greater speed, and a bigger payload than its B-17 cousin.” (Lockheed Martin)

England 2019


Vintage Footage

The B-24 Liberator

Ford Motor Company

More Information on the B-24 Liberator

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