Anglo-Saxon Cemetery

July 2018: Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Scremby, Lincolnshire, England

AVAR veterans will excavate the site of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery dating to roughly 600 AD. This excavation is in conjunction with the archaeological field school run by the University of Sheffield, and is near the village of Scremby on the southern tip of the stunning Lincolnshire Wolds, England.

This site was first excavated in 2017. Elaborate brooches and exotic beads once belonging to men and women who lived in the 6th century were found strewn in the plough soil – finds that represented graves recently disturbed by cultivation.

This excavation is in conjunction with the Archaeological Field School run by the University of Sheffield.

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American Veterans Archaeological Recovery (AVAR) integrates military veterans with physical or mental disabilities into a community of archaeological researchers that supports their rehabilitation through goal-oriented, team-centered excavations. The social bonding and shared experiences of participants are an important feature of American Veterans Archaeological Recovery. Participants share their new experiences in archaeology with others from the community of veterans, and will make new connections in the community of academic and professional archaeologists working to discover and preserve the physical evidence of our common cultural heritage.